Marital & Couples Counseling

Marriage is work, and all marriages go through seasons of challenge and growth. As I work with couples, I often meet with couples who are experiencing increased conflict, a breach in trust, or who describe a “growing apart” or lack of intimacy in their relationship. I also work with couples who describe their marriage as generally good, but who desire more connection or passion in their marriage. We work together to improve communication and conflict resolution skills. I assist couples in understanding their individual differences and unique needs and encourage an increased openness to what each has to offer the other through these differences. We seek to find ways to help each partner listen better, react less, and respond more intentionally.

I also work with couples who are considering marriage. Often, they are already engaged and want to ensure they are doing all that they can to build a solid foundation for a strong marriage. Others have been in relationship for long while and are seeking to determine what the future of their relationship may look like.